I'll fill this in once I've decided what the heck I'm gonna do with this thing.
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August 23, 2004 by DJRobzilla
No matter how many times I try, I can't shake it. Diablo II is in my blood. I tell myself, "It's boring. It's repetitive. There's nothing new for you to see anymore." Still, I come back to it again and again, like some old, unbreakable habit. Haven't I wasted enough hours of my life playing that drivel? Suppose not.

Diablo II, despite my ranting, is a rewarding game. For the first few months. After that it's like some pavlovian excercise, killing the next goblin merely because I am conditione...
August 23, 2004 by DJRobzilla
Hello everyone. Meet Bob. Say hi to Bob. Make fun of his rediculous name.

Bob is faceless. Bob has no past, no present, no future. Bob is...

A gamer.

Oh. That didn't surprise you? I guess I am posting on JoeUser. Being a Stardock venture, it inevitably attracts my kind. Just warning you before all the nerdacular articles come along.
August 22, 2004 by DJRobzilla
Thank you one and all for taking the time to visit my humble space on the... web...


So who is even reading this...? I guess nobody. Yet. But one day, I will rule JoeUser with an iron fist, just you wait and see!